Author of Urban Fantasy

The Dragon Race

Unable to perform the simplest spell, shunned by even her own family, Dana Foxbriar fled her clan as a teen. But when a high wizard demands she return, he threatens to shatter the life she’s made for herself outside of the clans. A life as a mechanic and motocross racer.

A score needs to be settled against a rival wizard, and in the clans, that means a dangerous dragon race. Sent overseas to search for a rider so particular, Alder Viisard questions the Council’s reasoning, until he meets Dana. She is exactly what the Council wants, but her strength and bravery soon capture his heart. How can he expect her to risk her life for those who once kept her locked up? Distracted by his feelings, he refuses to bring her before the Council, and now his rival is at his clan’s doorstep.

Dana vowed never to trust the magical again, but after several brazen attacks by powerful mages, she doesn’t have a choice. But when trust turns into something more, lies and betrayals threaten to drive her and Alder apart. Now they must choose: sacrifice their futures to be with each other or put their love on the line to stop their true enemy.

About Deryn

I love fantasy, although I can’t handle gratuitous violence (so, not a fan of Game of Thrones). Some of my favorite fantasy shows: The Witcher, Hanna, Carnival Row, Roswell NM, Lucifer, The Umbrella Academy, Grimm, The Good Place, The Travelers, and Galavant (really would have loved more seasons of Galavant because my second big love is musicals).

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts: thedailyjames, yangafrica (watercolor artist), thewritercorner, astrosborne (he’s hilarious–check out his Mrs. Darth Vader clips), nowthisnews, and betches.

I’m mom to three adorable Pomeranians, two of whom cuddle with me at night (the third doesn’t know I’m alive–she only has eyes for my husband). I spend a fortune on seed, suet, mealworms, and corn for the birds and squirrels, and waste far too much time talking to Tipsy, so named for the white tips on her little squirrel ears.

I drink tea, not coffee, and am desperately trying to reduce the sugar in my diet to help with my ADHD.

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